Laurie Tierney & Cara Carroll

If Cara Carroll (Ginger) and Laurie Tierney (Dory) look a little familiar, perhaps you have seen one or both of them several years back making customers’ retail dreams come true with exemplary service, style advice, humorous exchanges and overall sunny personalities at Pine Cone Hill in Lenox, Massachusetts.

Fast forward a few years - Cara has her own design business (CC Interiors) and keeps dabbling in home design while raising her son with her husband in lovely Monterey, Massachusetts.  Laurie becomes a Realtor with The Kinderhook Group while launching her three children into the exciting world of college life and adjusting with her husband to the empty nest.  The two friends talk of a day when there is world peace, hunger has been conquered, harmony abides and they open a store together.  Well, not just a store, but the most fabulous store ever!

Drumroll please….Welcome to Dory & Ginger, where the motto is Live and Give.  We have treasures for your home and lifestyle, along with the perfect gift for that special someone or that occasion that begs for something unique.  So, come in and share a laugh, enjoy the atmosphere, soak in the aesthetic of the most fabulous store ever!